谱写新年新乐章 | Ring in 2019 at the Summit New Year Concert




能否找到一个词汇  一句话形容


或许有时候  字句言语


但是  音乐可以



那么  2019年1月1日 

我们邀请您 在新年伊始

与我们一起  为新年  谱写新乐章






  Affiliated with Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the Symphony Orchestra of CCOM is an internationalised professional orchestra.  Professor Yu Feng, a renowned conductor in China and president of CCOM, has been serving as the director of the Symphony Orchestra of CCOM ever since its establishment in December 2016. All the performers interpret the ancient and modern classical music works of both China and other countries with passion, profound attitude and perfect techniques.

  One year into its establishment, the Symphony Orchestra of CCOM has staged many concerts which have deeply impressed domestic and international music circles.  In particular, many musicians both at home and abroad have highly praised the orchestra for its quality performance.

陈琳 指挥





  Chen Lin is currently teaching in the Command Department of the Central Conservatory of Music.  As a new generation of Chinese conductors, Chen Lin has not only been active on various critical stages in China but also successfully co-operated with many international music groups.  The German Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra called her "a rare excellent musician.”

  In 2011, she was invited to the Central Opera House and conducted the Chinese version of the Strauss Opera – The Bat – on debut in China,  it became a milestone in her career as a conductor.

王传越 男高音

  中央音乐学院教师,旧金山歌剧院签约歌唱家,国际顶级艺术家培训计划梅罗拉成员和艾德勒成员。2015获得被誉为音乐界”奥林匹克“的柴科夫斯基国际音乐比赛“歌剧银奖” 成为开赛50多年以来中国男高音的最好成绩。


  Wang Chuanyue is a teacher at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and an Adler Fellow at the San Francisco Opera. He was also a participant in the Merola Opera Program and the Brasov Opera House Training Program in Romania.  He has won several awards, including second prize at the Tchaikovsky International Competition in 2015, and has been one of the best Chinese tenors since the beginning of the competition more than 50 years ago.

  Also, he has been invited to attend the New Year Concert at the Great Hall of the People, the 65th anniversary National Day Party at the Great Hall of the People, the Alistair Concert Hall at the Lincoln Center in New York and the Golden Gate Park Open-air Concert in San Francisco.  He has also been invited to many other music festivalsin Italy, the United States and Russia.

李哲翔 钢琴




  Li Zhexiang is now studying in the sixth grade of the attached primary school of the Central Conservatory of Music.  Moreover taught by Professor Zhang Xinning, the director of the piano subject in the attached secondary school of the Central Conservatory of Music.

  Li Zhexiang has performed on stage at Hefei Grand Theatre, National Grand Theater and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and so on. He has been carefully guided and highly praised by many famous international pianists.

  He has won several domestic and international awards, including third place at the 5th Manchester International Piano Concerto Competition in 2017 (unlimited age) and second place at the Piano Group A of the 2nd Mozart International Youth Music Week in 2017.

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